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War is Starting in 9 more hrs.

Getting Married – 2nd Phase

I’m truly gratified that women these days can choose between

  • Living together with Mother In Law
  • Pang Seh their Mother In Law

I know pang seh doesn’t seem quite right but trust me. It’s the most appropriate term to use here. I did a lookup of replacement words and ta dah!

None of the proposed word from MS even sounded humanely lor!

So it figures why USA Kids are more independent… it’s the English they are coping with..… LOL

So and yes..with the blessings of my mother in law, she encouraged has been encouraging us to get a flat on our own and when the time is ripe, she will move in with us. Sounds like a good deal to me when it actually helps by giving us ample time to get accustom to each other on the do’s and don’ts

BTW, I’m not a greedy person, I only need 1 rule.

Do not ask or request me to do anything for a 2nd time if I had rejected the 1st time politely.


Scully…my future mother in law’s 1 and only rule is

Do whatever I say or ask!

*I’m fucked.*

Hahahaha……  *God…..don’t plray plray…don’t give this joke to me hor….*

Mother in law I love u! (just in case she’s reading this now…..)

So… two words no say! (二话不说!) we started the madness of hunting down houses….and ….paying infinite times of $10 to participate in HDB’s BTO but always ONLY ended up with nothing but a bag of disappointments… Well my bro got the punggol waterway… ..I can’t deny my Brother has been the world luckiest man ever. God favors him! (Looking at my bro with envy green eyes……. (¬_¬) shit u…..)

But still! 长天不服有情人!There is a new launch EC Site at Compassvale bow.

The Esparina…….maciam sounds like the drug, the Aspirin!

Don’t bother or even try to dissuade me by saying so far…so ulu…so ex…good meh..?…. unless you are MM LEE and I will probably entertain you a little…otherwise a simple congratulations will be enough or KOPI NEXT TIME! And Welcome to PUNGGOL! Etc etc …. wahahah

And Yes!! I’m Fighting with 1600+ applicants!!! Screw em!

Wish me luck for tomorrow balloting results!

PS: LETS JAM UP THE 4square! Unlock Super Swarm Campaign starts now!

Testing to see if this works.


I promise to blog by this week!  i Will not let 99999 followers down!